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    Bitmain Antminer T19 84Th



    The Antminer T19 (84Th) from Bitmain mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 84Th/s for a power consumption of 3150W

    • Hashrate: 84 TH/s
    • Power Consumption: 3150W
    • Power Efficiency: 37.5±%5 J/TH (on the wall @25°C)
    • Dimensions (MM): 400 (l) x 195.5 (w) x 290 (h)
    • Operation Temperature: 0-40° C
    • Humidity: 10 – 90%
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    Canaan Avalon 1047 37TH/s Turbo Mode Bitcoin Miner W/PSU

    Produced by Canaan, the Avalon 1047 Bitcoin Miner generates 37 TH/s (0% to +3%) while only consuming 2380W with a range of (-5% to +8%) averaging only 64W per TH/s.
    • Model Name: AvalonMiner 1047
    • Hashrate: 37TH/s, 0%~+3%
    • Power Efficiency: 62.5J/T, -5%~+5%@25℃ | 64.5J/T, -5%~+5%@35℃
    • Power Consumption: 2380W, -5%~+8%
    • Power Supply AC Input: 185~280V AC 50~60Hz 16A (Max)
    • Chips: 240 x A3205 16nm ASIC
    • Smart Controller: Canaan Kendryte K210 Artificial Intelligence SOC
    • Connection: RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M, Daisy-Chain Connection
    • Air-intake Temperature: -5℃~+35℃
    • Cooling: 2 x 12038 FAN
    • Noise: 70dB(Typical)
    • Operation Humidity: 5%~90% Non-Condensing
    • Cubic Feet Per Minute: 250CFM
    • Dimensions: 190mm x 190mm x 292mm
    • Net Weight: 7.6kg
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    Canaan Avalon 1166 Pro Bitcoin Miner

    The Avalon 1166 Pro is a high efficiency, high hashrate Bitcoin Miner produced by Canaan. The powerful and efficient ASIC miner generates a hashrate of 81 TH/s and has a power consumption of 3400Watts. The 1166 Pro has an abundance of features including a plug and play deployment, built-in power supply, excellent stability and a leading hashrate, making it one of the best Bitcoin miners on the market today.
    Energy Efficiency
    The 1166 Pro operates with incredible efficiency at 42J/TH, -5%~+5%@25℃
    Built-In AI Chips
    The controller is built with self-developed AI chips that, when combined with the operating system, can automatically identify malicious viruses and prevent hashrate theft.
    Simple Deployment
    The Avalon 1166 Pro ASIC Miner is a plug and play machine. Simply connect with the network cable, power on, then the miner will immediately enter the working state.
    Easy Maintenance
    The one-step setting design allows for a seamless installation. Combining the simple deployment with excellent stability, a leading hashrate, and the ability for a batch of miners to cooperate with cluster software, the 1166 Pro offers convenient operation and maintenance.
    Mineable Coins
    The 1166 Pro mines ASIC SHA-256 coins such as BitcoinBitcoinSVBitcoinCash, Acoin, Curecoin, Joulecoin,Unbreakable, Peercoin, eMark, Terracoin, and more.



     Model Name  AvalonMiner 1166 Pro
     Hashrate  81TH/s, -3%~+3%
     Power Efficiency  42J/T, -5%~+5%@25℃
     Power Consumption  3400W, -5%~+8%@Wall-Plug
     Cooling  4 x 12038 FANS
     Noise  75dB(Max)
     Running Algorithm  SHA-256
     Voltage  12V
     Operating Temperature  -5℃~35℃
     Net Dimensions  331mm x 195mm x 292mm
     Net Weight  12.8kg
     Gross Dimensions  442mm x 405mm x 306mm
    Gross Weight 14.5kg





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    Whatsminer M31S+


    WhatsMiner M31S+ 82TH/s (In Stock – Shipping Now)

    $9,800.00 USD  /  0.25931 Ƀ

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    The Whatsminer M31S+ from MicroBT mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 82Th/s for a power consumption of 3444W.

    • Price includes Duties, Taxes and Tariff
    • Ships within 1-2 days from Arizona, USA
    • Quantity Discounts Over 5 Units – Discount applied at Checkout!

    **Crypto or Wire transfer payments only**

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    WhatsMiner M32 66TH/s


    The WhatsMiner M32 66Th mining SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hashrate of 66Th/s for a power consumption of 3312W

    • Ships within 7-10 days from Hong Kong 
    • Hashrate: 66 TH/s (±5%)
    • Power Consumption: 3312W +/- 10% @25℃
    • Dimensions (MM): 390 (l) x 155 (w) x 240 (h)
    • Weight: 10.50KG
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